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Case Forwarding




  • We ensure the safety and care for all your inventory.

  • We will re-stack, wrap and count all of your on hand inventory.

  • Any stored inventory is inspected and reviewed monthly. (exterior only)


  • Our client portal allows full inventory information and we will provide you on hand inventory reports each month or by request.

Storage Cost:

  • $45.00 per pallet space/mo

  • $0.65 per cubic ft./mo

  • $2.00 Carton Storage Check In (Service 5)

Case Forwarding:

  • All case forwarding orders have a 24-48 hour deadline after the order has been uploaded into our client portal.

Note: based on standard operating business hours

Worker courier lifting boxes stack on pa

Case Forwarding: Service 5
$4.00 per carton outbound
(includes FBA master carton labels)

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