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Order Fulfillment, Storage & Third Party Services

Welcome to A&M Prep Services,

We are proud to serve all your warehousing needs.

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5625 Firestone Blvd. Unit C4

South Gate CA, 90280


Product Labeling, Such as FNSKU, UPC, ASIN etc.
Poly Bag or Bubble Wrap
Product Bundling, Multipacks and Kitting
Carton Forwarding
Warehousing, Third Party Services, Order Fulfillment and Storage

Product Labeling

Poly Bag or Bubble Wrap

Product Bundling

No labeling required

Carton Forwarding

Storage for all your inventory
Returns and Removals from customers and fulfillment centers
Additional Services, Extra bubble wrap, extra labels, Ocean Container Receiving and more.



Additional Services

Client Portal

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